Working as an Audio Transcriptionist.

While browsing through the internet as I do every night I came across one great website that could be a gold mine for any freelancer wishing to venture into audio file transcription. There are a lot of transcription companies, mainly for medical transcription and legal transcription jobs, but most require a lot of junk information for you to get hired. is a site that offers high quality audio transcription of videos, lectures, interviews or any other audio files, the site has an abundance of audio transcriptionists that are certified.
To sign up at, you require a verified PayPal account. Failure to have this leads to the immediate rejection of your application, I personally bear witness to this. Also, when applying put a high typist speed as they tend  accept more guys with a higher typing speed.

Scribie will pay ten dollars ($10) per audio hour transcription, the audio is divided into six minute parts for better transcription. Your work is usually timed, two hours for a six mute audio file transcription. I found ExpressScribe  audio software to be very useful while working for Scribie.

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