Capitalization Rules

In English there are many rules for using capital letters. You probably know many
of them already.These are the most important rules for capitalization in English. Capitalize the

I. The first word in a sentence
2. The pronoun 1
3. Abbreviations and acronyms formed from the first
letters of words
4. All proper nouns. Proper nouns include
a. Names of deities
b. Names of people and their titles
BUT NOT a title without a name
Note: Some writers capitalize titles
such as president and prime minister
when they clearly refer to one person
c. Names of specific groups of people (nationalities,
races, and ethnic groups), languages, and religions
d. Names of specific places on a map
e. Names of specific geographic areas
BUT NOT the names of compass directions
f. Names of days, months, and special days
BUT NOT the names of the seasons
g. Names of specific structures such as buildings,
bridges, dams, monuments
h. Names of specific organizations (government
agencies, businesses, schools, clubs, teams)

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