What ls Academic Writing?

Academic writing is the kind of writing used in high school and college classes.
Academic writing is different from creative writing, which is the kind of writing you
do when you write stories. It is also different from personal writing, which is the kind of
writing you do when you write letters or e-mails to your friends and family. Creative
writing and personal writing are informal, so you may use slang, abbreviations, and
incomplete sentences. However, academic writing is formal, so you should not use
slang or contractions. Also, you should take care to write complete sentences and to
organize them in a certain way.
Academic writing in English is probably different from academic writing in your
native language. The words and grammar and also the way of organizing ideas are
probably different from what you are used to. In fact, the English way of writing may
seem clumsy, repetitive, and even impolite to you. Just remember that it is neither
better nor worse than other ways; it is just different.
The articles on this blog  will help you learn and practice the format, sentence structure, and
organization appropriate for academic writing. We will begin by studying the

A paragraph is a group of related statements that a writer develops about a subject.
The first sentence states the specific point, or idea, of the topic. The rest of the sentences
in the paragraph support that point.

1. Paper Use 8and 1/2-inch-by- ll-inch Uned, three-hole paper. The three holes
should be on the left side as you write. Write on one side of the paper only.
2. Ink Use black or dark blue ink only.
3. Heading Write your full name in the upper left corner. On the next line,
write the course number. On the third line of the heading, write the date the
assignment is due in the order month-day-year with a comma after the day.
4. Assignment Title Center the title of your paragraph on the first line.
5. Body Skip one line, and start your writing on the third line. Indent
(move to the right) the first sentence a half  inch from the left margin.
6. Margins Leave a l-inch margin on the left and right sides of the paper.
Also leave a l-inch margin at the bottom of the page.
7. Spacing Leave a blank line between each line of writing.
 Next i'll be talking about capitalization rules among other things.

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